Action-Oriented TRANSITION Forum Concludes with Optimism and a Focus on Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Paris, France, 5 July 2019 – Repeated calls to action peppered the proceedings of the second edition of the TRANSITION Forum.

Under the rubric of “Shifting to Sustainable Lifestyles”, the two-day gathering brought together about 300 entrepreneurs, climate innovators, corporate executives, fund managers, scientists and representatives of civil society. The debates at the Fairmont Monte Carlo hotel on 26 and 27 June focused on four main themes: Food, Mobility, Production & Consumption, and Housing.

“We are building a unique community of key stakeholders who are not just talking about a sustainable future but taking concrete action to make it a reality. Time is our enemy. But, if we are able to implement the solutions that we have heard about over these two days, if we are able to align value and price, then we will be able to take back our destiny and time will again be on our side,” said Lionel Le Maux, Chairman, Aqua Asset Management & Co-Founder, TRANSITION Forum.

"The TRANSITION forum held in Monaco is a perfect example of the need to consider the ecological transition as a whole; and I am happy to be able to count on the Principality of Monaco, a neighbor with whom we collaborate very effectively. These recent exchanges allowed me to share the major principles of the metropolitan Territorial Climate Air and Energy Plan 2019-2025 and on the metropolitan environmental policy, developed with and for the inhabitants of the Metropolis which I am committed to accompanying on an eco-responsible path through ambitious measures and significant actions,” said Christian Estrosi, Mayor of Nice, President of the Metropolis of Nice Cote d’Azur and Deputy Chairman of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region (France), who delivered a keynote.

Over 60 international speakers presented innovative solutions and tackled the challenges of the transition towards a low-carbon future, including Jean Castellini, Minister of Finance & Economy, (Monaco); Pierre Gagnaire, Michelin-Star Chef (France); Graciela Chichilnisky, CEO & Co-founder, Global Thermostat (US); Gunter Pauli, Entrepreneur and Author of The Blue Economy (Belgium); Johan Eliasch, Founder, Cool Earth and CEO & Chairman, Head (UK); and Olivier Mathiot, President, The Camp (France).

Representatives of some two dozen startups presented ground-breaking projects that covered everything from the prevention of food waste to the recycling of microplastics from the world’s oceans.

Debates recognized the need for tough choices, but an overall sense of optimism came shining through. This optimism is based on the commitment of the actors present and their achievements. Many participants of the 2018 TRANSITION Forum, who came back to report on progress made over the past year, highlighted the important role that the exchanges and meetings initiated during last year’s conference had to play in their achievements.

Over the two days, speakers and participants have shown that preserving the environment and the economy are definitely compatible. “The California model shows that the world can improve the viability of the economy while reducing carbon emissions,” according to Timothy Papandreou, Founder, Emerging Transport Advisors (US).

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