Stan Stalnaker


Stan Stalnaker is the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Hub Culture, a technology ecosystem at the forefront of the mesh governance movement.

Founded in 2002, Hub Culture is a collaboration network with a mission to enhance collective consciousness and is based around relationships, experiences, and a new kind of money, Ven.

Hub Culture also offers members access to a valuable ecosystem of services designed to support the needs of today’s global citizen based on digital identity owned by the member, called HubID. HubID enables individual data ownership, privacy management and control - true to core principles of the company. ULTRA is an exchange system for digital assets based on blockchain technologies.

ZEKE is a system intelligence and concierge host for the community. It learns from Specks, bits of data that can be priced in Ven and shared between users.

AGREE is a digital contract service to enable faster deal flow between members. AGREE forms the basis of a library of attributes, terms and conditions that inform Bermuda Standard, a growing repository of Specks to educate Zeke, and which can be shared at the nation-state level to improve cooperation. The Open Audit Initiative is a real-time auditing service for the community.

Together this ecosystem of services for the Hub Culture community lay the groundwork for new types of economic and social activity that empower the community. In addition to Hub Culture, Stan is an active board member and advisor of several technology companies.

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