Eric Scotto


Éric Scotto is a dedicated entrepreneur and skilled investor concerned with climate change. After 10 years in information technology, 2 years in finance, and a first success in entrepreneurship, he gives his career a boost with the creation of Perfect Wind and has a first 54 MW wind farm built in 2004. Perfect Wind becomes a leader in producing electricity from renewable energy and is purchased in 2006 by Iberdrola, the then world number one in wind energy production.

In 2007 he cofounds Akuo Energy, today’s French leading independent renewable energy producer with 1031 MW of capacity in operation, under construction or with financing underway at the end of 2017 and 340 employees.

In 2010 the group inaugurates on Reunion Island its first photovoltaic farm, combining energy production and agriculture on the same site. Since this first success story, Eric Scotto has never stopped developing innovative power stations in the whole world with the ambition of proposing energy mixes adapted to each geographical zone (wind farms, solar or hydraulic power plants, biomass units) and their combination with storage solutions.

Eric Scotto is at the initiative of the Agrinergie® concept which associates solar power generation to environmentally friendly farming. This concept is developed by Akuo Energy on several power plants. Aquanergie is the application of Agrinergie® principles to fish farming.

In 2017, Akuo Energy initiated its own crowdlending platform, Akuocoop. This tool aims at strengthening cooperation among local actors and Akuo Energy.

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